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Adeguamento Privacy al G.D.P.R. UE 2016/679

Suite123 wishes to inform all those who fill in the online information request form, that in compliance with the new European data protection provision, the necessary updating process has been adjusted, to comply with the new requirements of the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679.

In summary
The cardinal principle of G.D.P.R. is the expansion of the rights of Users and Interested parties, introducing new rules on the processing of personal data collected by Companies.

Each Company collects, maintains and manages data through multiple communication and media channels with the outside world, through its websites, mobile applications, social networks, and other IT and digital tools in order to offer better products and services to their customers.

For these reasons all the procedures concerning the personal data processing have been updated (Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice, Formula of collection and registration of Consent by the interested party).

We reserve the right to make further updates whenever we deem it necessary to improve data protection for all those concerned (users, customers, potential customers, suppliers).

With effect from May 25th, 2018 amendments and relative attachments to the aforementioned documents, in compliance with the G.D.P.R. UE 2016/679, will take effect automatically and no action will be required in this regard, since the processing for which we are collecting the data have the same purposes as before.

As from May 25th, 2018, you will accept the updated Terms of Service and your data will be protected according to the new applicable provisions, simply by continuing to use our digital tools to request information and/or to get in touch with us.

You can check your information in our database and update your preference at any time by writing to: info@suite123.it.

The collected data will be stored for one year and then deleted from our archives.

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